Print your own WTF (meeting finder)

The up-to-date anonymous version of the WTF (Where-To-Find a meeting) is available now as a pdf download.  The latest revision date is given underneath the Quarter Months. Besides printing in colour it also looks very nice in Black and White.  So, if you have double sided printer, you can print off small batches of foldable WTFs on a single A4 page. Don’t worry if your printer does not do double sided printing.  You can still print the WTF on two pages. 

How to Print

  1. Select Print – then:
  2. Select double sided if you plan to do this.
  3. Try Black and White. (It’s very decent and useable and won’t eat up your colour cartridge.)
  4. And select Flip on Short Edge (so you have the front and back pages running across the print page)
  5. Select number of copies and Print


AND if you don’t have a printer

Just download the PDF to your phone.  The file is in zoomable directly on your phone and in colour.  It’s what I do, and it works well.