Responders Needed for Our Local Help Line

The AA Telephone Helpline is always answered by a recovering alcoholic, usually from the Devon and Cornwall region.

The helpline is available to all and serves a variety of needs, but its primary purpose is to carry AA’s message of recovery to those still suffering from active alcoholism.

Additionally it can provide help, support and information in the following areas;

      • Someone who needs help with an alcohol problem
      • A relative or friend of someone with an alcohol problem
      • An employer with an employee with an alcohol problem
      • General enquiries such as Website Feedback

The AA Helpline always requires people who are willing to be telephone responders. The Helpline is covered by 4 Intergroup areas, Devon Central, South Devon, Plymouth and Cornwall.

The telephone shifts are either a morning, 8.30am-1pm, afternoon, 1pm-6pm or evening,6pm-10pm once every 3 weeks. The requirements for a prospective responder are as follow:

      • 12 months continuous sobriety
      • Home Group
      • Sponsor
      • Telephone landline or mobile number
      • Internet access


If you would like to volunteer for a shift or would like further information, then please feel free to contact Rich at the following email address, .

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