Finding Your Meeting Registration Number (UID)

The DCIG Website List UIDs for Most Meetings

Use the Tag Box and select your meeting day and check for the UID after the Postcode or Zoom link.

You can then check your UID against the current GSO information via this  PDF link:

Using the link  ‘Download Meeting List. You will have a table 7 rows by 3 columns with the UID at the foot of the meeting block.  UIDs are 3 or 4 digits except for Online Meetings which begin with ‘ON’ then 3 digits.

Please note that the meeting list is in alphabetic order so not in the WTF Day-of-the-Week order. There are presently 40 meetings on this list.  We have a new Thursday meeting which needs a pink form completed and the Thursday Polish Meeting is on a separate Intergroup for Polish speaking meetings. when these two are added we will get to 42 meetings.

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