Open Meetings

All our ‘open’ meetings can be found using the ‘open’ tag in the ‘Tag Box’ on the right of most site pages. Our meetings, unless stated otherwise, are restricted to our existing members and to anyone who ‘has a desire to stop drinking’.  However, we do have ‘Open Meetings’  for those with an interest in our program such as:

Family members and friends of an alcoholic
Health Professionals and those providing support and recovery services
Other professional people such as clergy

Open Meetings will have a description of ‘open’ such as: 1st Sunday open, 2nd Tuesday open, Last Friday open etc to mean that  specific occurrence of the meeting is ‘open’ to those folk as described above. Some meetings will say ‘All Open’ which means non members can attend any of those meetings. Some say ‘All Closed’ which is strictly unnecessary as all our meetings are closed unless stated as above.

We currently have 25 Open Meetings.