Creating a New Group (GSR) Email

At the DCIG  meeting (12th Feb 2023), we had a discussion on the GSR email account transfers which accompany the change to a new GSR and the many stressful situations that often ensue. If the new GSR cannot take over the email then the only way forward is to create a new Gmail account. There was a strong argument to keep what we had from one group. However it is worth saying at the outset that if a group has not had any problems using the existing email then they simply carry on doing so but if they have problems now or in the future and cannot use the existing email then a new Group Email can be set up as discussed below. And as ever  what follows is a suggestion on a reasonable way to proceed.

Directly after intergroup, the Tiverton GSR  had the problem and  arrived at a nice  idea for a new email address which with some additional consideration  became The last bit YYMM is the year and month of the new GSR being appointed and setting up the new email.

 By way of example, have a look these emails for three Sunday Meetings in the suggested format:,, (GSR example changes Jan 22, Aug 21 and Apr 20). And to be crystal clear the three preceding emails are examples and not real emails.

This new format allows us all to see from the email address:

    • Where the Meeting is running.
    • What day it runs on.
    • Is it in the Morning or Evening.
    • When did the GSR take on the role?


The combo will give us an easy unique email address. And all that has to change is the new GSR date – yymm which was the heart of  the Tiverton GSR’s design.

When the new mail account is created the recovery email and the mobile should be those of the new GSR.  When that GSR steps down the succeeding GSR will repeat the process of setting up the new email by changing the YYMM at the end of the group email ( When the email change is in place please forward the new email address to the DCIG Secretary and ECLO.

To create a new  gmail account please use the this link: