Meeting Updates & The Pink Form

For the Website and WTF

Meeting Secretaries or GSRs have an obligation to keep DCIG and GSO up to date with any changes to their meeting times, venue , access, chits and zoom details, where this latter is applicable and don’t forget contact names and phone numbers.  Thankfully,  this generally happens but occasional communication breaks down and this is captured when someone rolls up to a meeting that has changed its time or venue or login or has no wheelchair access etc.  The consequence  for the visitor is plain for all to see – no meeting that day. So please, please keep those meeting updates coming:

For the National Website – The Pink Form

Now when you supply the updates to DCIG please please use the National Website Pink Form which will ensure that your meeting details are correct on The link gets you to the online form and  it takes 10 minutes to enter the update.  You will need all the group information from the Members (Confidential) WTF. Plus names and phones for Secretary, Treasure and GSR plus a postal address for mail.  Only the groups have all of this and it is their responsibility to provide it via the Pink Form.

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