AA Documentary BBC2 7th Dec 22 – iPlayer Link

“I’m an alcoholic: inside recovery”

This new documentary film was broadcast on BBC 2 on December 7th and is now available on the BBC iPlayer (usually for the next year).

Program Overview

The program brings unprecedented access to Alcoholics Anonymous, which is marking its 75th anniversary in the UK in 2022. This film explores the origins of the organisation,  its religious foundations and what still brings so many people through its doors. At a time when problem drinking is on the rise and more people are seeking help, the documentary will join members inside a meeting for the very first time. Anonymity is at the heart of AA, and to protect the identities of members inside the fellowship a range of techniques, including cutting-edge technology, will be used.

The film will explore the organisation’s roots in the fervent pre-war Christianity of the USA, its establishment here in post-war Britain, and how evoking a Higher Power continues to work in today’s more secular society. It will examine what makes ‘the rooms’ so powerful, and how simply sharing your story at meetings plays such a crucial role in sobriety. The documentary will ask how it feels to discover the most precious gift of all is sobriety – and how it feels to be saved.