Running a Hybrid Meeting

First, let us define a Hybrid meeting.  This a traditional AA meeting in a room with members present and a secretary running the meeting – all very familiar.   Now, if the meeting room has a strong WiFi connected to a good Internet Connection[1] then on the secretaries’ desk we can have two laptops or one laptop and one tablet both with good cameras and microphones [2]and an external large monitor or video projector for laptop 2 so that room can see and hear the Zoom. Via the first camera and microphone the Zoom can see and hear the room. And so we have one (hybrid) meeting.

You can download a fuller note on Organising and Running a Hybrid Meeting by clicking on the link. This note was first published Sept 2020 and feed back to the eclo email would be helpful.

[1] The internet connection should be at least 8mbps down and 2mbps up

[2] It may be necessary to add a good quality external mic and room camera to the second laptop and if the
room is large a good external monitor or projector as well.

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