LATEST WTF 2023 Q4 Edition

The Newcomers Public Edition

Both  editions of  the WTF  (Where To Find an AA meeting)  revision date 30/10/2023  have been sent to the printers in time for  the Q4 2023 Intergroup Meeting on the 19th of November,  Park Life Community Hub, Exeter EX1 3DN.  The public edition is available  now, as a pdf download: WTF_23 Q4.  Please Note that the rev date of the download may be later than the print run date.

The Rev date above indicates that all meetings changes received in the ECLO email by that date have been applied to the Printed WTF.  Any changes after that date will not be reflected in that revision.

The Members  Edition PDF

The new Members (Confidential) PDF Edition is also available now by email.  Just email your request to the ECLO email.

Continuous Updates

These PDF copies are continuously updated as changes are sent to the ECLO email. So, downloading the Public Copy from the website or requesting the Members Copy and printing it or keeping it on your phone will give you the latest WTF meeting details.

Meeting Summary

In both WTF editions, there is a separate section for Zooms. This Online section  list both Zoom meetings and the Zoom details for any Hybrid meetings. Currently, we have 7 Online Meetings (2 Hybrids and 5 Zooms). There are 37 traditional meetings. So, we have a total of 37 (Trads and Hybrids) plus 5 Zoom only, for a total of 42 meetings.

Print Your Own Copy or Keep it on your Mobile

The downloadable pdf is a colour edition but will print very well in black and white. If you have a printer which can print on both sides, you can make a very decent WTF either in colour or B&W.  This PDF can also be kept on a mobile and use the mobile ‘zoom in’ to read it.

See Link for ‘How-To’.


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